Improvement thru Movement is still celebrating with a week of Open House!

Kids/Teen classes are noted.  Classes will continue through August 24th.  Must be registered this week to continue the session!!  Watch for our Fall Schedule coming soon! Registration is open for all adult classes!

  • July 22
    • 9:30a Yoga for Dancers (All ages)
    • 6:15p Baby Ballet (3-5 yrs)
    • 7:00p Intermediate Ballet
  • July 23
    • 9:45a Baby Ballet (3-5 yrs)
    • 6:15p Beginner Tap
    • 7:05p Intermediate Tap
    • 7:55p Jazz
  • July 24
    • 5:00p Ballet (6-9 yrs)
    • 6:00p Intro to Ballet 101
    • 7:05p Intro to Ballet 2
  • July 25
    • 1:30p Beginning Lyrical (10 yrs and up)
    • 5:30p Ballet (10 yrs and up)
    • 6:35p ‘Advanced’ Beginning Ballet
    • 7:35p Advanced Ballet
  • July 27
    • 9:30a Tap (All levels)
    • 10:30a Pilates for Dancers (Teens and up)
    • 11:35a Jazz (10 yrs and up)

“Dance has no age restrictions”

Improvement thru Movement is a dance studio plus much more.   Our innovative approach promotes health and wellness.   Not only do we teach dance, we apply principles of dance,  stretching,  nutrition and mental relaxation.   This aids the well-being of all age groups by increasing their stamina, flexibility, core strength and overall fitness.

“Our goal at Improvement thru Movement is to provide an individually-tailored dance program just for you.”

Our school is very warm and inviting, and judgement-free, with instructors that are not only top-notch, they love what they do.  We have a beautiful studio with custom hand made bars and a professional, body-friendly spring floor, fitted with a non-slip dance surface.

There’s something for everyone at Improvement thru Movement, and that’s what we’re all about.  We work with youth to teens, adults who are just beginning their dance journeys, or seasoned dancers.  Middle-aged to geriatric, physically-challenged to trained athlete. Our belief is that everyone should “move” which will  improve their physical health and well-being.  Our goal at Improvement thru Movement is to provide an individually-tailored dance program just for you.  No recitals, no costume purchase.. just dance.